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Re: Slow focus? How much slower vs. 1D3 + 24-70/2.8 LII?

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I think this sets a record for me on camera gear. I ordered the FE 24-70mm F4 OSS and it finally arrived today at 1:15PM. I dropped it back to FedEx at 3:15PM!!

I knew it was a bad idea to pre-order just on expectation. I really got caught up in the positive reviews for the FE35 and FE55 and placed the order site and review unseen. I won't be making that mistake again.

At $1200, this lens should be spot on for the entire focal range, not just from 28-60 and it's not fast enough. Shame because Sony had such a good start with the other 2 Zeiss branded FE lens

Just curious as to how the focusing compares to the Canon.

Well the Canon AF focuses pretty slow with my adapter. It easier and more accurate using the a7 Focus Peaking and Magnification which works very well IMO. I choose this lens over the FE55 primarily because I wanted a single native walk-around lens. I had a SEL35F18 and it was pretty good but I hated the cropping. I tried working with the Crop OFF and that did yield more pixels than the auto crop but it was a hassle. So I just sold it.

I've been using my EF 17-40mm and have been pretty happy with the results but it really only works well using MF and being limited to 40mm is sometimes not ideal. I see now that I should have purchased the FE55. So as soon as I get my return credit, I'll have them send me one.

The 24-105L is a pretty heavy lens I would have thought for the A7(r) especially wen compared to the likes of a FE55mm!

The 17-40mm lens I think matches well to the A7(r) as it is a much lighter lens. Also the AF seems a fraction quicker if need be.

The 24-70/2.8 L II is even heavier than the 24-105L.

Oh yes DEFINITELY! I tried it out but too awkward hand-held. I do use it on a tripod and it works very well that way. The background on my Flickr page was taken using it. This is why I use the 17-40/4 L walking around or I use an MD 50mm f/2 Rokkor-X depending on the situation.

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