About to buy a camera, questioning K-5ii vs. K-3 IQ difference?

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Re: About to buy a camera, questioning K-5ii vs. K-3 IQ difference?

bkpix wrote:

You're rightly concerned with the quality of image you get from various cameras, but you may not realize how easy it is to adjust the output of almost any current digital camera to suit your own taste. Small differences in DxO scores are just that -- small differences -- and not likely to affect your image quality very much.

I wouldn't, for example, pick a K-5IIs or a K-3 over a 70D on account of dynamic range, for your uses. (There are lots of other reasons you might pick Pentax, though.) But if one camera's images seem flatter to you, that is most likely not the result of limited dynamic range; in fact, images from a camera with a compressed range may look harsher and, so, more contrasty.

See if you can handle (or better, borrow or rent) a 70D and a K-3 and base your decision, in part, on how the camera feels to you. Then think about lenses, and which ones you might need in the future.

K-3 compared to K-5IIs has slightly more resolution, which records more detail. But the K-3 right now costs about 50 percent more than the K-5IIs, which could buy you another lens.

Finally, any of the cameras you're considering will do the job just fine.

Hi bkpix. Thanks for the reply. I figured there are a lot of adjustments that can be made. I have been checking out the test scene pictures on dpreview, as if taking pictures of pictures of people of different ethnicities are worth anything, and notice that most of the difference is in the jpegs, not so much in the RAW files. So, it looks like I will learn how to work with RAW files!

I am starting to think that some of the Canon 'flatness' might be the standard Canon glass. I have heard the the higher resolution sensors need better glass than the standard lenses. So, newer cameras (crops or ff's) should have the better/more expensive lenses to fit higher resolutions. I was just daydreaming what lens to buy for the K-3 when I clicked on the Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 lens. Looking at the customer pics, most of them were on 60Ds and older (40D, etc.) Canons. The Canon images looked way better than what are on here or what is posted for the regular lenses. The color in the Nikon-mount pictures also looked a lot more too my liking.

When you say compressed range, do you mean a smaller DR?

Plenty of places have the 70D. I have handled it some at the store and like it a lot. My ideal camera for my hand size would be in-between the Rebels and the 70D, which sounds like K-3 territory.  The K-3 will be tougher to find locally. I think the only place that may have it locally is Calumet. There is a pretty sweet bundled K-3 deal on B&H right now, though.

Thanks for your helpful and experienced advice.

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