D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: D700 - Where to go next?
D600/610 - benefits of increased DR and low light but don't like the size of the D7000 body (I sold my D7000 because it felt too small for me compared to the 700) and have concerns of the AF system not being as good as the D700.

D800 - As above but the penalty here is the shot discipline required, does it really suit handheld wedding work?

DF - This really appeals because of the tremendous low light performance and less intimidating looks, (for weddings) it may also be an ideal travel camera with a prime allowing me to leave the D700 + grip at home!

Finally there is the D4 which I am sure would tick every box, I simply cannot justify the cost at this stage.



D600/610: In this group, the only things it has got going for it are lower cost and U1/U2 user settings. On the other hand, controls don't match up with what you are used to.

D800: Shot discipline is not the issue. Amp glow at high iso is. Big files may or may not be a concern depending on your PP hardware. Controls match up well with d700. There will be times when this camera produces wonderful results.

DF: Stunning image quality and excellent low light performance. But quirky controls and no second card. If the camera is a full-time second body for shooting weddings, it's probably the wrong choice. But if it's meant to bring something new and different to your shooting, it could be just the ticket. More than any other in the group, you have to try it for yourself to know.

D4: Nothing to add here you don't already know.

My advice:  Rent the one(s) that interest you most and give them a workout. You are at the point where what matters to you isn't going to be found on a checklist. It's going to be what you learn putting the cameras through their paces.

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