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Re: The OP's lenses would disagree with that...

bobn2 wrote:

yray wrote:

Well, if 'professional reviewers and users alike' say it, it can't be wrong. can it? On the other hand, it would be a bit strange if Nikon took the Multi CAM 3500 and did a worse job with it after four years, wouldn't it? Have you evr heard of expectation effect?

I'm sorry, Bob, but this is just wrong. If you know anything at all about software development,

As it happens, I do.

you should have no doubts whatsoever that a subsequent software release can indeed be much worse than the preceding one, and by improving one thing it is quite easy to break inadvertently something else.

That would be an incompetently designed and controlled software development.

We already know about incompetently designed and controlled hardware manufacture, why would you assume that their software engineering is necessarily up to snuff?

So, all these claims about "improved" AF should be taken with a big grain of salt until proven otherwise in practice. It is quite conceivable that the "improved" CAM3500 code branches out into some piece of functionality where the original CAM3500 code never went. We'll most certainly never know, and it is not a given that anyone at Nikon knows that either.

It seems very strange that Nikon would knowingly release a worse AF.

I didn't say knowingly, did I? I only said that buggy software is a fact of life, and it is probably fair to say that all software is buggy to some extent.

Smacks to me of clutching at straws on behalf of some D700 owners.

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I can't fathom where you get these arguments. You assume that all D700 owners ought to want a D800, and if they don't it is because they are in denial for the lack of funds. Personally, I could have bought D800 at any time if I wished to. But I don't really need a D800. The D700 does it for me most of the time, and when I need a D3s, I use one. For all that, I'm still in love with the ancient D300, and occasionally I still find very useful applications for my D200 too, even though I "moved" to FX a while back.

A lot of the discussions on these forums often take for granted two assumptions which are not necessarily self-evident. First, that moving from DX to FX is necessarily a progression, and, second, that moving from an older model to a newer one is necessarily a progression. I take an exception to both premises, not because I can't afford what I need but because I can't justify what I don't need.

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