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Re: FE 24-70mm F4 OSS Here Today .. Gone Today!

Interetingly enough, I went to my local dealer today when he called and let me know he had the 24-70 in..  I went down with my gear and my 1920X1080 resolution laptop..

I compared the Zeiss to my 28-70 "kit lens" over a couple of hours of shooting and viewing side by side.. and when I left, I still had the kit lens.  The Zeiss was somewhat better, but per a previous post.. it did not "blow away" my kit lens.

Not going to entertain that I have a "great" kit lens copy, or that the Zeiss was a "poor" copy..  manufacturing differences aside, the lenses will all be within "x" % of the standard..  For me, the difference in the resulting picture was not worth $800.

Especially when you look at how I would use the zoom, which would be casually.. as in, the wife and I go out walking and I do not know what I am going to end up shooting.. its a nice day, speed is not a factor, and they are "snapshots" for memories.. nice but certainly not for hanging in the Louvre.

Otherwise I will take the kit and use the other FE prime lenses or some stellar legacy primes like my Zeiss 28, the Nikon 85 1.8, the Nikon 20.. etc.

So I guess as people have suggested, horses for courses..  and the 28-70 is a great casual walk around that in good light is very nearly as good as the $800 more expensive option.

happy shooting!

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