D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: D700 - Where to go next?

Get the D800 - or D800e.

I was in the same boat, with a D700 for most shooting, and a D300 for wildlife.  Both with grips and big battery, so both did 8fps with almost identical handling.

Having come from D70s, then D200, then D300, I really like the D200/300/700/800 body style.   Can't go back to the D7100/D610 body.

My D700 with grip was really my poor-man's-D3.   Couldn't afford (or justify) the pro body.

I bought a D800e a year ago.  Haven't used the D300 since, and almost never touch the D700 either.   The slow frame rate bugs me sometimes, but nothing else about the camera does.   The dynamic range is a real asset over the D700, and the pixel density plus DR obsoleted the D300 for me.   The resolution is very addicting, even though the vast majority of my shots only get seen on a web page or a DVD slide show on TV.

You don't need any more skill to shoot the D800 than the D700 - if you downsize the prints to the same 12mp size of the D700, you cover up any bad shooting habits to the same level as visible with the D700.   On the other hand, you'll pixel peep, and you WILL see some flaws in shooting at times, plus focus misses, plus lens irregularities.   But that's overblown, to an extent, and really, who wouldn't improve their shooting technique when you see the results for yourself?

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