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Hundminen wrote:

After spending the past year or so shooting with the X-E1/2 and a variety of XF lenses, I decided a week ago to swap all my Fuji gear for the Sony A7R and a couple of lenses, since the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself.

The purpose of my post is to say good-bye to the Fuji X series community here, which is the most civil and pleasant sub-forum I have had the pleasure of participating with at DPR.

So why did I switch? Although I am only an enthusiast, my main hobby is landscape and travel photography, and I was drawn back by the allure of the 36MP FF sensor found in the A7R (and D800 - my system prior to Fuji), and the amazing detailed images and DR these sensors provide. In addition, there are a couple of specialty features on the A7R suited to landscape shooting not found on any of the Fuji X cameras. This is not to say the Fuji X is not good for landscape photography, because it is very good, and I have produced some of my best images with it. In fact, I was very tempted to purchase the upcoming X-T1 and XF 10-24, but I figured by the time I laid out another $2,300 for that pair, I could invest a lot less into a system swap (I traded used for used) over to the A7R, and end up with the sensor and feature set that better suits my specialized needs.

After spending the past week testing and shooting the A7R, I have to say that while I love the extra detail in the images, in many regards I deeply miss the ease of use shooting with my Fuji X-E2 and the fabulous array of XF lenses (my favourite was the XF14mm). The Fuji X system is an innovative system that is finally maturing to the point where I believe it is now the best camera system choice for the majority of photographers, with the minor exception of those pushing the limits of specialty photography including sports, wildlife, landscape.

So long Fuji, it's been fun.

Best wishes to you Hundminen. I really enjoy your photos (country side in the autumn) posted on Flickr, especially the ones taken with the Fuji system. I will continue to follow you to see if you have the same success with the Sony system.  I plan to mate my X-E2 with the Fuji 10-24mm lens when it becomes available in April.

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