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NomadMark wrote:

David Lozoya wrote:

The ONLY zoom lens that I have used/owned that was sharp to the corners at all apertures with minimal distortion was the fantastic Olympus 12-40 f2.8. You have to see it to believe it. No other zoom comes close.

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Aye. But it's also MFT? Right? And with corrections turned off in camera, it appears distortion may be worse with that lens. On quick google anyway.

I'm no engineer, but I would venture to guess that it's probably easier to make a sharp lens for a smaller sensor? And it's $1000 still.

I can respect your opinion. And the experience you have had. Perhaps the 12-40 is exceptional. But as far as full frame lens engineering goes, 24-70 FE for 1200 seems to be par. And it's my opinion it will give you more pleasing images than the 12-40mm on the whole, because it's taking advantage of the best full frame sensors on the market. I wouldn't buy a MFT camera. Probably wouldn't use one if it were given to me...even with the 12-40. That's just me of course.

I love my 24-105L. And I can't wait to do a direct comparison later in the month.

Each to their own I have my 24-105L mounted on SB on NEX 5r and the corner performance is actually quite impressive. Just love having the additional stop of light to play with when using it with a focus reducer.

I also own the 12-40 Oly pro lens for my E-M1, and find that quite amazing as well. The AF speed is nothing short of amazing. The bokeh may fall short of the 24-105L, but the overall size and weight of the 12-40 makes this lens far more portable than the 24-105L

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