E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

Jack Hass wrote:

I don't own either, but as a MFT user with IBIS (GX7) and a current SLT owner (bought my son one for learning ILC) i would bet the farm they are missing IBIS. Some E mount lenses have OIS, but not all do and using adapters omits this.

I look at it like this. When do you see the most difference in FF vs smaller sensors? When the ISO gets high. They all look good at ISO 200. And, when does ISO get high? when you are in too low of light to get the SS you need. Problem is, if you use FF without IS, in the times when you need IS most (during slower SS, like in low light), the extra ISO you HAVE to use to keep your SS high negates the advantage of larger sensors.

Not many people shoot sports in the dark, so keeping SS at 1/1000 isn't this issue. Keeping it high enough to freeze hand shake or slow subject movements is, and IBIS helps heaps with this. Most of my shooting is done at 1/50 - 1/100 in lower light and i never get camera shake blur. If i hadn't IBIS for my most used non stabilized lenses, my ISO would be a stop or two higher.

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Yeah, I feel like this is rarely brought up but it is soooo important. I don't have an A7 but I do have the EM5, EM1, and A900. If I have to bump ISO even a stop or two the better sensor in the A7 would be moot.

Also, in low light, if I need more DOF, eg, more in focus, I have to stop down and raise ISO on a FF camera, further negating any sensor/noise advantage. In practical use a fast prime on my EM1 gives me better ISO performance than the A900 (which is of course quite an old sensor at this point so its not saying a lot), simply because F1.4 of FF is often too thin to be usable, so I have to stop down to F2 or F2.8.

In good light the larger format wins, as you simply have more flexibility for DOF control, DR, etc, but in lower light lacking IBIS with primes, the small sensor punches well above its weight.

Also for totally static shots I can get down to 0.5 seconds with a 50mm-equiv lens (P25/1.4) on my EM1, which is about a 5 stop improvement over the normal 1/FL rule for hand holding. This is noticeably better than the IBIS on the A900.

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