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What is with everyone expecting the 24-70mm to be sharp as a prime, corner to corner?

It's a zoom folks. Reality check. It has other measurable qualities. Clarity and contrast, color, and above all else, versatility. Sharpness corner to corner that competes with primes is not a characteristic of zooms. Not even the best in the world. Canons own 24-70 2.8 mkII, arguably the best zoom ever in that range, costs over 2K, is bested at 24mm by their own $550-$600 24mm IS prime, especially when comparing sweet spots in respect to aperture. Probably bested by their $100 50mm 1.8 as well I would wager, at 50mm.

Bottom line, is the 24-70 FE pretty much performs as (realistically) expected, IMHO. And for most peoples true to life work (or play), the corner weakness is probably not even an issue. If it is, then they shouldn't be buying zooms.

And what with the complaining about the price? It's well built, it's compact, and has great OSS. Check out Canons 24-70 f4, and 24-105 f4. Both are in the 1500-1700 range, and people are continuously saying they are comparable. Funny there are pros out there who swear by shooting weddings on those lenses, and they all seem to be well received generally. Yet Sony releases something similar in IQ, build, in a small package, for $100's less...and people manage to complain?

Let's get a grip people.

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