Best photo editing software?

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Re: Best photo editing software?

dbelling wrote:

I have never purchase photo editing software, but I would like to try it rather than using whatever comes free with a camera. I have a Mac computer, so what would work best with a Mac? I have read pros and cons for Apple's Aperture, Adobe's Lightroom 5 and Elements, but what works best with a Mac? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I use Lightroom 5 and like it a lot. Because of how much Lightroom can do nowadays, I've just about discontinued using Photoshop CS.

I also have Aperture. It works well, but I've never really been happy with its workflow and tool design.  If you are going to use it with other Apple software, it's quite slick however.

(Yes, I run Apple hardware and OS X Mavericks.)

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