E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

I have both cameras.

The E-M1 is very sweet: fast, responsive, superb control ergonomics, incredible customizability. Excellent lenses. Up to ISO 6400, it and the A7 files are of equal quality. And the range of mFT lenses available is terrific, and even better with the addition of the FourThirds lenses. I use the E-M1 entirely with mFT and FT lenses and get fantastic results from it. The E-M1 kit ends up being significantly smaller due to the smaller format's influence on lens size.

The A7/A7r bodies are a bit clunky with somewhat haphazard control ergonomics, menus that are a mess, and very few dedicated lenses as yet. I bought it to use with manual focus SLR lenses (Leica R and Nikon F). It has an excellent sensor, the larger format lets my lenses show their full designed for nature, and it has just enough configurability to be able to be customized and work the way I want.

What do I miss from the E-M1 when I'm using the A7? The E-M1's responsiveness, quiet, smooth shutter, the image stabilization when I'm using longer lenses, and overall superb feel and ergonomics.

What do I miss from the A7 when I'm using the E-M1? My Leica R lenses.

I like both cameras very much, and I could live with only either one of them very easily. I'd probably keep the A7 if I had to sell one kit because the Leica R lenses are that good, but not if I needed more reach (telephotos) and autofocus.

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