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Chris Malcolm wrote:

The best way to impress other photographers I s to take better photographs with inferior gear.

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Chris Malcolm

Since this is also a matter of perception, even if the image was superior, it might still not impress since it was shot with a 150.00 P&S ...

Perception might be the key. I flicked through a stack of photos in various folders the ther day and looked at pictures taken with a Leica M240 and a Zeiss 50/2.0 first, then through a stack of photos taken with an Oly OM-something, (there you go, starts with not remembering the name properly!). I looked at the Leica photos longer and gave them more credit - and I noticed that I was doing that! Why? Maybe because I thought that somebody who pays that kind of money for a camera, can't be accidental ("it was on special!") but clearly with some purpose.

I understand that nobody on this forum ticks like this and the image takes the price regardless of what camera, right? Talent over gear, right?

If this was true then all forums here should have the same percentage of great photos, right? The Canon Power Shot forum the same percentage of great images than the Leica forum - or the Nikon FX forum?


There was this Russian mother of 2 who takes these fantastic photos of her 2 sons and their farm animals and their surroundings. Many people have commented that she could have used any camera, she just has so much talent it wouldn't matter. There is some truth in that, surely, but she doesn't use any kind of gear, but a Canon 5DMKII and a 24/1.4 a 50/1.4 and a 135/2.0.

I think her photos are fabulous and her gear is about right for the purpose she often uses the 135 stopped down by only a tad ... Wouldn't have been the same with a Power Shot or would it?


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