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Mike Fewster wrote:

This is the most serious criticism og the RX1 I have come across. The first crack in my luv affair with the rX1. I realized that the lens was fixed of course so I couldn't clean the sensor. But then, I never expected to. I use the camera in dusty environments and this was one of the main reasons I got it over an ILC model. I also hadn't noted until pointed out here, that there is no sensor cleaning mode. Add this to the lack of weathersealing........

On the other hand, I have no dist issues showing up on mine, just a small nervous feeling that wasn't there a day ago.

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Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia

Mine shipped new with dust (which I really only saw at f16 and higher... so some could have dust from the factory and not realize it until a long time later) and I got a replacement... 12 months, 4 continents (including extensively throughout South America) and 6K+ shots later I recently checked at f22 and not the slightest spec (knock on wood).  Those reporting dust are few and far between and makes me wonder "what is different" with those cameras.  Dust on bridge cameras is much easier to understand as the zoom lens acts like a baffle sucking air in and pushing air out all the time, but not so with this fixed lens.  Very curious.

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