Best photo editing software?

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Re: Best photo editing software?

dbelling wrote:

I have never purchase photo editing software, but I would like to try it rather than using whatever comes free with a camera. I have a Mac computer, so what would work best with a Mac? I have read pros and cons for Apple's Aperture, Adobe's Lightroom 5 and Elements, but what works best with a Mac? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

David B

I suggest you start with iPhoto, then goto Adobe PhotoShop Elements as a start. You can also download trial versions usually.

I also advise you check out web site. They offer on line lessons from software titles to business management to video production.

It is typically free for 7 days and then you have to pay monthly or yearly and can cancel any time and reactivate as needed.

They charge more for full access that includes lesson plans you download and follow with the instructor which is good.

*Last, I am not a fan of the Adobe subscription service which does not apply to Photoshop Elements. The reason is if you let the subscription lapse you have no way to get your material. Unless something has changed all of a sudden. Just be careful and fully understand what your getting into with Adobe and the subscription service that they pull you in for a cheap price. Their is more to it than that.

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