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Re: Don't be scared of the D800

bobn2 wrote:

Dave George wrote:

Hi all

Facing a slight dilemma in choosing my next camera body, (like many I am sure) coming from a D700 and wondering which Nikon would suit their needs best.

I have had the D700 for two years now, after buying it brand new, I shoot a mixture of subjects both as an amateur and semi professionally, subjects include landscapes, weddings and motorsports.

I can see there is a benefit from the increased DR and low light performance of the latest cameras in the Nikon line up, but am having real trouble establishing which might be the right one for me. I am looking for a body to partner the D700 not totally replace it.

My thoughts thus far:

D600/610 - benefits of increased DR and low light but don't like the size of the D7000 body (I sold my D7000 because it felt too small for me compared to the 700) and have concerns of the AF system not being as good as the D700.

D800 - As above but the penalty here is the shot discipline required, does it really suit handheld wedding work?

DF - This really appeals because of the tremendous low light performance and less intimidating looks, (for weddings) it may also be an ideal travel camera with a prime allowing me to leave the D700 + grip at home!

Finally there is the D4 which I am sure would tick every box, I simply cannot justify the cost at this stage.

My head is telling me that the D610 might be the best all things considered, price, size, performance etc, how good/bad is the AF in low light - I'm talking indoor wedding venues here which truly test an AF system - the D700 does remarkably well in this respect.

My heart is saying the DF appeals as the files seem to have that special "something" from what I am seeing on here, but it is a lot of money over a 610.

The D800 sits somewhere in the middle but i'm really unsure after all the AF problems reported.

New body will be used with 24-70, 14-24 and 80-200 Nikkor zooms, and a 50 1.4D and 85 1.8 AIS.

Appreciate any input on this



You talk about the extra 'shot discipline' required but that's about you, not the D800. So, if your shot discipline is good enough for the D700, the D800 is only going to produce better results than that - they might not be all the D800 can deliver, but there'll still be more in the file than the D700 delivered. Improve your 'shot discipline' further and you find the D800 delivers quite astonishing amounts of detail in the file, which in turn gives you more leeway in PP.

Then again, in 1.2x crop mode, still giving a 25MP file, the D800 is a 5FPS camera, same as your D700 without the grip, plus the AF is probably better.

Cheers Bob, true enough the discipline has to come from the user, but I have read people on here who believed they had great technique and found the D800 still more demanding, at times in a fast paced environment you don't want nor can afford to take your time over each and every shot, I think wedding photography is possibly one of the hardest environments for photographer/camera.

The crop mode comment you make is interesting!

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