D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: D700 - Where to go next?

Dave George wrote:

True enough the D700 isn'y quiet, but at those quiet moments you pick your shots carefully and only ever in single shot mode I think we as photographers notice it more than anyone else!

Waiting is an option, but switching systems isn't something I would consider, overall I think Nikon is the better choice of lenses and sensor ability right now.

MayaTlab0 wrote:

I considered the D800 as a replacement to my D700 and ultimately chose not to follow through. I felt that other than image quality at low ISOs the improvements were minimal. At higher ISOs it's better than a D700, but suffers from amplification noise which is a little time-wasting to correct in post (but no worse than a D700).

Otherwise it didn't correct what I thought was annoying with the D700, such as, for example, its memory banks system, shutter sound, ergonomical issues, and I even thought the grip was worse.

I believe you won't enjoy the D610 as much as your D700 in terms of ergonomics except the U1/U2 custom modes (for some reason Nikon decided to give a proper custom modes implementation to its mid-tiers cameras but not its higher-end ones, go figure), its AF may prove a bit of a downgrade, but otherwise I believe its sensor makes more sense as a D700 replacement (better than D800 at higher ISOs, less amplification noise).

The Df has an even better sensor as a D700 replacement, but I'm pretty confident you'll hate its handling / ergonomics coming from a D700 for your kind of application (EV dial on the left side, bad grip for heavier / longer lenses, etc.).

The latter two though have much better sounding shutters for wedding application IMHO. If you were to come at my wedding with a D700/D800/D4 and started shooting pictures at crucial moments I'd probably threaten to punch you in the face with my truly terrifying 60 kg frame.

If I were you, I'd just wait. Or change faction, but since the D4 is a costly option to you, I suppose switching systems would be just as costly.

Waiting. I would buy a D4s but don't want XQD.

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