D800 vs H5D-50c

Started Mar 4, 2014 | Discussions thread
Hugo First Contributing Member • Posts: 780
Re: D800 vs H5D-50c

people who need the hassy know they need it, and it won't matter that it costs 10x more than a D800. the D800 is primarily for normal people who crave the resolution of MF but can't really spring for it on their budget. this doesn't cover 100 percent of the shooters who use the respective cameras, but it probably is accurate for the vast majority of users. and i account myself as one of the D800 group, in that i love the detail and DR and the incredible editing latitude the D800 provides,l but i just want a camera i can use to go anywhere, do anything, and if something terrible happens to it i wouldn't be ruined financially (exaggerating slightly here for effect, but still...)

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