70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Your examples do not really test the DR limits of the 70D. You need really deep shadows for that. The read noise is additive, not a multiplicative noise.

Try night shots.

Totally agree. I don't know what op was trying to show with a bunch of ISO100 samples.

Often Canon gets bashed for poor DR at low iso when lifting shadows several EV. These samples are low iso with lifted shadows and demonstrate that actual results are what matter. Surprisingly, technical tests are not God's word. Not always, at least.

There are folks who see DXO ratings and claim "Canons are 2+ stops behind Sony sensors in DR, therefore their DR must be poor". I think these claims are unfair. Just that.

ISO100 pushed even, say, four stops is only ISO1600 equivalent. I have no idea why people are gaga about it. Not to mention a pushed shadow has nothing to do with DR unless it's from an exposure controlled comparison test.

It's not unfair to say DR for Canon sensors is lacking. I've been shooting 7D since it first came out. My aps-c Fujifilm X-E1 has MUCH better DR and shadow noise characteristics and that's in real world shooting. Matter of fact that's what many 5DII/III converts say too. I'm not saying 70D is not a good camera and can not take great picture buy If anyone REALLY cares about shadow noise they should investigate alternatives instead of performing this self gratification ritual.

I would have no problem if op changes the word "great" to "useable" in title though.

Well it seems that in camera world everything is a tradeoff. Every brand has it's issues or exells in some others. From what I've seen, it's like this (corrections are welcomed):

  • Canon lacks in DR and noise but has good AF, color rendition and quality native lenses
  • Nikon has good DR, noise and colors but lacks at AF and quality native lenses
  • Sony has good DR but it's colors and noise are not so great. Also, it's lenses are limited and overly expensive
  • Pentax has good bodies but is limited in lens and video options

I guess every brand can give pro results depending on what you are after (speed, DR, video, portrait, landscapes etc.). Also, when we talk about sensor specs, we are mostly talking about their effect in print quality and at that field, sensor differences are usually hard to spot at this level of DSLR quality.

Could we be exaggerating on our "on-paper vs real life" criticism?

What we need is a CaNikonPentaSony that combines all that good stuff into one really inexpensive light weight mirrorless body (with an EVF that looks like a OVF but has all the cool stuff that everyone likes).  Yep... that should just about do it.

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