24-70 F4 blows away my kit lens

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Re: My own tests, including the 55 1.8

Dandrewk wrote:

  • Comparing the three lenses at 55mm at the corners/edges, the 55mm was the clear winner, which is to be expected. Wide open, if I'd rate the 55mm as a 10, then the 24-70 is an 8 and the kit lens about a 4. Stopping down, all lenses improve by the same margin.

Wow! Your tests show you that the 24-70 is twice as good (rating of 8 vs 4) as the 28-70?

Perhaps, the reason I don't see much of a difference is that I rarely keep the entire image that I shoot, because I crop my shots and therefore, I only really use the middle 2/3 of the image that I shoot.

6000x4000 becomes approximately 4000x3000 after cropping. So the soft edges and corners that so many are fixated on are not used in my final images.

I rarely find a subject that perfectly fills the entire frame, so I need to crop in order to remove the extraneous portions of the frame to keep the focus on the subject. Is this unusual? Doesn't everyone crop?

If you do crop, does the sharpness in the corners and edges really matter?


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