Class action lawsuit for false advertising?

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Re: What a joke!

some sanity here :

1. in terms of "weather sealed" thats a generic term like "water resistant", theres a well defined IP system (International Protection Rating) for these kind of things.  If sony has not stated something like an IP number (protection level) then you are not really buying a weather resistant/proof camera.  If sony has stated something like an IP level and the camera doesnt achieve this then Sony will have to refund you upon complaint (or you take a small claims court action against them)  if not more fool you for falling for Sony marketing.

2. in terms of class actions you have an example to look up - the "Nikon D600 dirty sensor issue" if you google this it should give you a good idea of how customers and companies interact when there is a design fault/weakness and what legal process they usually follow.

3. in terms of weather resistance if all the Sony FF lenses are not "weather proof" as well then pretty clearly the camera can be let down by a lens - this may be the issue with the Sony FF ?

4. in the real world rain is not necessarily the worst enemy (you can bag the camera), condensation is a real killer which has slowly killed many a NEX and fungused up many a lens.  Its always a good idea to keep a big bag of recently activated silica gel in camera/lens bags - in particular if you have been out in humid or cold climates when you transition to a warm dry house the silica will suck up  the moisture in the kit/bag if left for a few hours.  If im going out in the snow/rain I use a ziplock bag with a UV filter/bag of silica gel taped in - works well with AF and i only have to worrry about cleaning the watermarks off the filter - works well in sandy/dusty environments as well (otherwise sand will blow/drop through the lenses in to the body/sensor

5.I always store my lenses/cameras in clear tupperware boxes with a big bag of regularly re-activated silica gel - good practice to do this and give them all a bit of sun regularly.

hope it helps

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