K-3 *still* not listed as a camera on Flickr

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Re: found the K-3 gallery

pixelsmithy wrote:

As you can tell from the URL, that is a Flickr Group (Groups can be started and administered by an Flickr user). That's not the issue. The issue is that the K-3 can't be found on the Pentax Camera page or in the main Flickr menu navigation using Camera Finder.

Yeah, I know. I am a newbie to figuring out Flickr. I just got excited to find some K-3 porn so I had to let everyone know.

...  here are all the images that are tagged with both "Pentax" and "K-3":


Yay. More of it. Nice to see the bowling alley shots to see the ability of the K-3 beyond macros and landscapes. . . The galaxy pic in the following link is pretty cool:

Check out my (small) Gallery! http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/355548730/photos/slideshow

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