G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

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Re: G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

I want to thank you for the comments. I have carried the G10 around for almost five years and one always hates to part with an old friend. I am 82 years of age and have been taking pictures for about 75 of those years. Started with an old Kodak box camera my parents had. Had two view finders, one for horizontal and the other for vertical. It was during the Great Depression but my parents would let me finish off a roll with one or two photos. I practiced a lot with no film at all in that old camera.

I gave the G1 x a try but the shutter lag bothered me plus it would not fit in my pocket as the G10 has done. So it was returned. I will give the G16 a try and think it will certainly fit my needs for carrying around all the time, even when I take the 5D out for formal shooting.

Again I thank you each and everyone for your very helpful comments.

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