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Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

rebel99 wrote: i have to say that 1Dx is completely in a different class by itself. you can only understand that if you own and use one!

Well, I bought one a few weeks ago and I can't see that. I've a 1Div as well and a 1Dsiii.

It's ergonomically better and has better low-light ISO and so on, but...

It's a natural tendency if you buy something very expensive to say that's it's the bees knees, but...

One thing it does have which I love is a highlight preserving setting. This IS terrific.

My advice to people considering its purchase is to wait a couple of years and get it for half the price, or less, secondhand.

I bought mine secondhand from a camera shop in England with less than 1000 clicks on it. Completely as new. It still had the sticky stuff on the LCDs.

I've had 1Ds, 1Dsii, 1Dsiii, 1Div and now this.

The only one I bought new was the 1Div.

If you stay behind the times, as it were, you can get the best for half price or less.

I have to agree with rebel99 that the 1Dx is head and shoulders above the 1D4. I bought both of them new, my previous 1D2 and 1D3 were used.

The 1D4 was good-very good, but the 1Dx is great. I planned on keeping the 1D4 because the pixel density is higher (more pixels per duck as it were) but the more I use the 1Dx the less I want to keep the 1D4. It is definitely feels like a generation behind or more when I pick up the 1D4.

The autofocus on the 1Dx seems to work more intuitively for me, the 1D4's AF just seemed like an ill fitting shirt that I'd always tug on. Ring of fire on the 1D4 just never seemed to work well for me, my 1D2 was spot on, the 1D3 was OK (but I never pushed it before upgrading to 1D4)...1Dx AF works great for me, seems to hang on the way I want it to and usually within a frame or two it will lock onto what I want even with lots going on.

Also the image quality always seemed more 'fragile' on the 1D4 vs the 1Dx when post processing high ISO shots. Even my 7D seemed to have more latitude in highlight recovery than the 1D4.

To me, the 1D4 is worth a little more than half of what a 1Dx is worth, and the used market reflects that. If the 1D4 wasn't my backup body I'd have gotten rid of it by now.

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