Class action lawsuit for false advertising?

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Re: Class action lawsuit for STUPIDITY!

I have often warned against the water resistant/weather proofing argument.  If a company wants to warranty a product against water there is an IPX rating that is used.  OR the manufacture will use terminology like 'Waterproof to 200 feet'.  Very technical stuff I know.

Sony does NOT use the IPX rating nor do they offer any water resistant language.  It is a camera, and there are a handful that are water resistant to varying degrees but the vast majority provide no warranty against submersion in water or against moisture of any kind.

My Nikon was sealed but that did not give me confidence that it could withstand any exposure to water. I carry ziplock bags to keep my equipment as dry as possible. I put my camera in a zippered camera bag when it starts raining as shooting in the rain is no fun. My Lowepro bags generally have waterproof covers for those times when I am out in the elements for an extended time.   I keep my camera away from water as much as is possible which means my camera may get exposure to light rain, or a splash from a wave or pool. I dry it as soon as possible even if my camera is covered against ANYTHING that may occur including water.

I just laughed when seeing these rain soaked images images of the water drenched camera... fools.  Getting your expensive electronic equipment wet is hardly a badge of honor, its a recipe for disaster. Weather seals are a good thing, and from images I saw the A7/r do a good job of sealing out the elements. But Sony is not going to warranty  against stupidity. From what I saw some new owners were proud of the weather sealing and felt no need to protect the camera.

Keep your camera as dry as possible and when it does get wet rather than taking a photo to post on DPReview get a rag and dry it ASAP as well as protecting the camera when it starts raining.  OR you can take you chances with a class action suit where you are represented by the rumor folk!

BTW full coverage against everything for $10,000 worth of stuff on my Homeowners ran a couple hundred a year.

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