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Re: The difference is . . .

Roland Karlsson wrote:

So I push back and will continue to do so as long as I have keys to tap and specs to see.

As you know by now, I disagree. There is no reason to vigorously defend Sigma/Foveon against all evil.

Despite your perceptions, I do not defend Foveon and or Sigma against all evil. But, I also do not wash my underwear in public. If someone complains about something I think is justified, I remain silent. The message will get through, of that I am certain. And if I have a problem, I address those, who need to know. For this, Sigma should be praised. What other camera company executive is actively posting on Facebook, friend all of the members of the Sigma Cameras Group (thereby opening himself up to direct communication), and actually answers personal e-mails sent to him at the company a la M. Jobs?

Sigma and Foveon are far from perfect, but that does not detract much from what they do well. Some mistakes they acknowledge publicly and openly, as with the DP1 delay, and others more obtusely, as with the SD1 price mess. And in the latter case, they also did something as close to reasonable as possible for those who had already paid the full price.

And it is true that there have been many issues that they have not discussed in public. I am sure you know about some of them.

Yes, this guy took some time to make a video. But that's about it. The rest is a lot of posturing and recorded ricardoing.

Does it matter?

As I said, it does in a global sense. Otherwise, the next person only picks up this as a reference point and his blabbering becomes more fact than the fiction it actually is.

Sort of like the KFC GMO, feather-less chicken that is now it is 14th year of false credibility.

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