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Richard Weisgrau wrote:

deednets wrote:

Selling Your Photography

Interesting read, thanks for that! I agree that the photo matters more, but isn't it like saying that when a guitarist does a concert it is the melody that counts and maybe his technique and not so much his Martin guitar (or his Ovation etc).

Certainly fine equipment provides an advantage, but talent surpasses that advantage. Hoping not to offend anyone, I have seen many AWFUL images on this site taken with the best equipment on the market. Gear is a factor. It is just not the decisive factor.

I certainly agree.

I was chatting with a photographer about a new camera I would like, I commented it would have much stronger AF than my current cam. He said yes you can't take shots of aircraft, or birds, in flight without strong AF. I didn't mention that I have no intention of taking photos of either as I find them quite dull as images go.

Imagination and creativity was around long before modern digital dslrs and they, imagination and creativity, will always make the difference.


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