Anyone for Sunday Scapes (2014-03-02) ?

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Re: Anyone for Sunday Scapes (2014-03-02) ?

I think the best thing a beginner can do is get some software and play with it.  If the software messes with the original, just make a copy first and go to it.  You can not do any damage that way and you will learn way more than you will by not doing anything.  Basic pp is not brain surgery.  You just move sliders around until you get a look you like.  The more advanced techniques, perhaps some tutorials or books will help with but then you will need something specific for the software you choose to work with.  Lightroom is basic and simple to work with.  More advanced software exists but you should start with something basic and see how you like sitting in front of a screen playing with images.  It is not for everyone.  Corel PSP X6 goes on sale for low prices and it is quite powerful but is not a good raw developer for Olympus raw files.  Viewer allows some basic adjustments if you want to start really simple but I don't find it very useful except as a raw converter when exporting for work in other programs.


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