Is there a next sx280 model?

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Re: Is there a next sx280 model?

tkbslc wrote:

Canon's 1/2.3" and 1/1.7" sensors are among the best in the market and have improved significantly (almost a stop) over last years.

I don't think Canon has made a 1/2.3" sensor since they made the SX1 superzoom, years ago. Their own sensor production, outside the large sensors (G1X, APS-C and up), seems to be limited to 1/1.7" sensors as used in the Canon S100 and S110 (not sure about what's inside the S120).

For the 1/2.3" sensors in models like the SX220/230, SX240/260 and SX270/280, IIRC it is a public secret that Canon bought the Sony 12MP BSI-CMOS for that (the same sensor that also got used in the Pentax Q1, among others). Since Canon stuck with a relatively low MP count all those years and Canon processing is good, they reaped the benefits with good quality. I suspect the improvement in recent years is down to more powerful processing (Digic 6, since last year) and to better algorithms.

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