24-70 F4 blows away my kit lens

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Chad Hardy
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Re: The moral of the story

neil holmes wrote:

Ramius wrote:

I think you´re all on the verge of a creating a huge rumor thats most probably wrong, about a quality difference between same lenses.

I do not believe for a second that Sony or Zeiss, are mass producing lenses that are inequal in quality. Thats why they are using Zeiss quality controll procedure, to prevent that exact dilemma.

It comes as absolutely no surprise that a kit lens performs poor, compared to a high end lens. When someone says the kit lens should be much better, that raises a big question mark to me. There can be many motives for saying such a thing.

Is when buying (either) lens, to do so from a store with many in stock and try them yourself...problem solved.

Having said that, I do not believe there is anywhere near as much sample variation as we are being led to believe.....I do think there is some, maybe even more than there should be.

As for the kit lens, I am perfectly happy with mine given it is just a kit lens...flaws and all.

I think its IQ is fine, AF is fast, it is light, not huge, useable in light rain, stabilized....pretty good really.

I guess how I see the two lenses is I would be happy to use the kit lens it as a guest at a wedding for instance...though I would expect the wedding photographer to be using the better zoom.

A7 kit lens as taken jpegs snaps out the back door.

Holy barrel distortion batman!

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