New Quattro hands on video

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Re: The difference is . . .

Laurence Matson wrote:
Here, for one:

(I know that has been linked before.)

Very interesting video. Missed the earlier link.

And the fact that he is all over the place with this wobbling performance.

No need to be nasty though.

You more than most should know that truths in the Internet are as often that and repeated untruths. I, for one, started out all polite and "with all due respective" until I discovered that the repeated nonsense of someone like Steve G or dimage or Karl Guttag began to appear in other threads, on other forums and in other places as quoted truth.

SG et. al. are pesky, yes.

But, I would advice you not to let some weirdos change your way of living.

So I push back and will continue to do so as long as I have keys to tap and specs to see.

As you know by now, I disagree. There is no reason to vigorously defend Sigma/Foveon against all evil.

Yes, this guy took some time to make a video. But that's about it. The rest is a lot of posturing and recorded ricardoing.

Does it matter?

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