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Re: New Quattro hands on video-Yamaki speech

3dreal wrote:

from a commentor of the japanese 45min.speech of yamaki:

Sigma CEO, Kazuto Yamaki, talks about the new Foveon Quattro sensor. The bottom line is 1) the new one is comparable to a 39MP Bayer sensor in resolution, 2x as sensitive as the current version, and keeps the same "Foveon look" and 2) The new body is 2.5x as fast as the current model in storing one raw image.

Yes, even allowing some bias, the new sensor is still very exciting, in that perhaps for the first time Sigma has a sensor that is good enough outside its narrow niche (of the pure IQ crowd) for a broader market, while maintaining its crowning IQ. Now armed with a much more mature sensor, Sigma should not be afraid of venturing farther afield, into ILC, for example. An X-T1 like ILC DP shall undoubtedly do well for Sigma. The first DP Quattro, however, takes a form that suggests no such aspiration but an even more niche approach.

Or perhaps Foveon is not there yet?

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