Ultra wide angle lens recommendations for Nikon FX

Started Oct 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tom Nokin Junior Member • Posts: 25
16-35 more versatile 14-24 is spectacular

16-35/4 and 14-24/2,8 are both excellent lenses I have used myself on D700 and D800 and which I can both recommend strongly  Very important: Both are very very different lenses. 14-24 is significantly wider, sharper in the corners and most importantly has much less distortion at 14mm. After correctiing distortion in software the difference in wide angle is just short of 4mm The strength of the 16-35 is certainly VR. Therefore the lens can be used much more often handheld in lower light. Particularly for travelling, when walking around indoors or at night. Sharpness under these cirmcumstance is often better than 14-24. The longer range of 35mm makes this lens also much more versatile than 14-24. The 16-35 is much more a walk around lens while the 14-24 for obvious reasons is not. If use of filter is important - ND and polarizer - than of course 16-35 is better to use and much much cheaper. What I don't like: distortion at 16mm is quite significant.The issues I mentioned made me opt for the 16-35. Thouht I must say, the 14-24 is a wonderful lens and though I own the 16-35, I sometimes rent my "true love wide angle lense":). No experience with 17-35, which appears a very solid lens, or the new very affordable 18-35. If 20mm is wide enough, I can also recommend the 20mm, AF 2,8 or AIS 2,8 both are great lenses. 20mm is sharp across the whole frame and has low distortion and is very light. 14-24 and 16-35 are bulky and heavy. Particularly the 16-35 does not come across as a wide angle, but more like a small mid range tele-zoom. Have fun, wide angle kicks again using it on FX!

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