Class action lawsuit for false advertising?

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Re: Hire Lionel Hutz

juvx wrote:

lol nice !

However the guys on digitalrev poured water all over the camera and it still worked just fine...

Sure it worked fine for 5 minutes after they soaked it, that still qualifies as resistant.

So try proving its NOT resistant. It doesn't say proof. Its a fine vague line that Sony can easily defend. Simply because it IS resistant. I haven't seen a single person on any forum that has said that it simply stopped working from a little rain or moisture yet have you?

I'm death resistant, I've been in accidents, been sick a good number of times, it doesn't make me death proof.

Mall they need to do is make it harder for water to get inside to qualify for resistant.

They were probably  advised by their legal department to remove the claim, doesn't mean they lied.

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