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Sabud wrote:

SirPalomid wrote:

This maybe caused by couple of things:
1) You are way over diffraction limit, try not to close aperture more than f11.
2) If you have OIS switch at ON position with 18-55 lens, it tends to blur images at fast (faster than 1/60) shutter speeds. I always set it to OFF if I'm shooting in good/day light. Indoors, say, museum, if you want to shoot something static, you can set it to ON and use slower shutter speed (1/15).

If you shoot only JPEG, than I recommend you to set sharpening to +1 instead of 0, and turn

NR to -2 in good light.

2) Strange!! Can't read anything about that in the instructions. Have also used a variety of Canon IS lenses for 10 years now and never heard (read) of this restriction.

This is well known issue with Fuji 18-55 and OIS that blurs the images if not turned off at higher shutter speeds, there are couple of threads at this forum about this. All Canons, Sonys and Nikons I owned never had this issue, as well as other Fuji lenses with OIS.

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