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deednets wrote:

Does your gear make you feel more or less confident about your shooting?

Well, some of my gear is more capable than the rest, so I'm more confident that I can shoot in different situations, though I'm also pretty confident in the less capable gear if I know that the situation isn't that demanding. Certainly, though, it's nice to know you can count on the camera you have to get a job done.

e.g. if you join a model workshop to learn some more about portrait photography, would it make you feel differently if you had a particular gear?

Probably not, assuming I don't have to bring my own lighting gear. But for sports photography, yes.

So I admit that the gear I use makes a difference to me, I think this is mainly because of the interface and how the camera feels like an extension of my hand/eye coordination, but this might of course be seen as rather feeble excuses to get some fabulous toys on board.

Yeah, to me it's also more about how I get along with the camera than confidence in its capabilities. The confidence piece is almost mathematical. It can do the job well, it can't do the job at all, it can do the job fairly well, etc. As a hobbyist, I have a good sense of what I want to shoot and how much I'm willing to pay and carry to shoot it, so that's not so interesting. The reason I look at new gear is to see if it looks fun ! I've only used a couple cameras that were pure joys, and a couple that were pure duds, and the rest fell somewhere in between. I shop for something that doesn't get in the way of shooting the way I want to shoot, and am content with that, but am always on the looking for that "inspiring" camera. Right now, Fuji looks the most appealing, but I'd have to sacrifice capability to get it (or just plunk down a bunch more money for redundant capability and pick up an X100s that I really don't need; or an XT1).

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