G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

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Re: G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

Well, there is a question, My opinion will be somewhat bias but is my honest opinion. The G10 is a superb little camera, many reviews slated it for noise at high ISO, I was rarely disappointed with my G10 up to 400. The build quality and form factor are still unsurpassed, that lovely cold metal feel first thing in the morning is something special. It is not a pocket camera, I knew that when I bought it but with a belt bag it is unobtrusive and convenient. So, why did I change to the G15, well, time marches on and advances in technology cannot be ignored. The fast lens and new processor are superb and although still learning I think it is a worthy successor.

The build quality is praised in most reviews and whilst it is very good indeed not up to the G10 standard.

I had a brief dalliance with  Nikon P7800 which turned out to have a faulty EVF which I returned and bought the G15 which should have been my first choice anyway. I am used to the OVF which I think is marginally improved, other advances on the G10? That glass covered LCD is superb, it is the clearest detailed display I have seen on any camera. I have never felt the multi angle screen was a deal breaker. The step zoom feature I really like and a feature many people do not appreciate, with a click of the front wheel you can zoom in steps from 28 to 35 to 50 etc. great if you were used to primes with a dslr  and well worth training yourself to use it. In summary! I loved the G10 and until the G15 have not been tempted to upgrade. I have had other cameras but always kept the G10. I think the G15 will be my constant companion for many years to come. Hope this helps, sorry if it is a bit long winded.

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