G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

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Re: G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

Chipsthe1 wrote:

Miss tilly wrote:

I have a new G15 and learning to use it. I had a G9, G10 and G11 before and think the G15 is on another level in terms of performance and images. It is early to say but I hope to have as long as my G10 as a faithful companion. this image, taken in difficult conditions is credit to photographer and came

I have utilized a G10 since shortly after they became available. Carry in my pocket whenever I go out. Even if I take the 5D I still have the G10 in my pocket, just in case.

Keep thinking I should replace but so far have not made the change. Maybe it is sentimental but just not sure the G15 or G16 is an adequate replacement. Would appreciate your opinion on the matter.

I felt the same about the G10 and used one for 2 years. If it makes you happy I would stay with it. I had a G15 and it was no better IMO. I went M43 but still use a LX3 all the time.

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