G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

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Re: G15: not a bad DR for a small sensor @medium ISO...

Well, I have two G10s. (had 3 but sold one) I used them for family portraits and landscapes, but only at ISO 200 or below. When you get above ISO 200 noise becomes an issue. I very seldom shoot RAW, but I am in favor of it, just not every photo I take.

I also own the G15 & 16. IMHO they are far better cameras, particularly in lower light settings and taking photos of moving subjects. All-around great "carry-all-the-time" cameras! The DR is just right and AF is "snappy" and if you like Macros they both excel. (but so did the G10) G15 is Digic 5 processor, the G16 Digic 6. I still haven't made up my mind if the Digic 6 is better than the 5. Some of the Digic 6 photos seem "mushy" at high ISOs, but very few, IMO.

As for the G10s I own? I'm going to put them up on E-Bay because they have outlived their usefulness. The G1X has supplanted the G10 for portraits and landscapes; And I'm sure that the G1X MkII will be even better. Can't speak to the G1X II yet, (but I will as soon as I get my hands on one) but as for the G1X I can't say enough good things. I know it's controversial with some folks, and so-be-it, but IMHO it's the best Canon has done, so far, with a "large" P&S! I'm very much looking forward to the G1X MkII. As for the complaints about the G1X MkII? Some are very passionate about their "anti" views! Truth is though, we really won't know anything, for sure, until it gets into the hands of Camera users across the board.

My take is, that it will be an overwhelming positive response!

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