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My favorite photographer for th past 5 decades has been Cartier Bresson. He used Leica M3 and carried 35mm, 50mm, and 90mm lenses with the 50mm on the camera almost always. I had the privilege to meet him in the late 60s. I asked him what percentage of his photographs were made with the 50mm lens. His answer was 95%.

Gear matters, but it is far from the decisive factor in capturing the decisive moment. In the 60s when I shot editorial work I carried a Leica M2 with 35mm and 20mm lenses and 2 Nikon F bodies with 50mm, 105mm, and 200mm lenses. By the mid 70s when I was doing corporate I had 4 Nikon f bodies, 2 motor drives, and as many as ten lenses. Honestly, I did not make better photos than I did in the 60s.

Today I shoot with a Lumix G6 and four lenses with the 14-42 on the camera most of time. Gear matters but the photo matters more and having gear does not mean the photos will be better.

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