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Re: Strange

Roland Karlsson wrote:

I have now read nearly half of the posts in this thread.

Very strange indeed.

A guy takes his time to make a video showing the new Quattro and puts it on the web. Not maybe the absolutely best video ever made. Just like many other videos on today's net, it is quite hastily made.

And ... do he get a "thank you" for exposing Sigma and the new Quattro?

No ... he gets heavy critique and nasty words.

I do not think one should read too deep into that, it is simply fanboyism, a natural behavior of almost all humans it seems.

This behaviors of fanboys is part defending once own choice and justifying ones preferences by projecting out on anyone who does not share them. Part creating a belonging to a group of people who have the same preference as oneself, reinforcing the belonging by slanderinging other for making different choices.

I really enjoyed the video and loved how he thoroughly though unintentionally by waving it all over the place rather demonstrating the grip showed us the size and handling of the camera. That is why I posted the link to the movie.

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