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Re: The OP's lenses would disagree with that...

fPrime wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

You talk about the extra 'shot discipline' required but that's about you, not the D800. So, if your shot discipline is good enough for the D700, the D800 is only going to produce better results than that - they might not be all the D800 can deliver, but there'll still be more in the file than the D700 delivered. Improve your 'shot discipline' further and you find the D800 delivers quite astonishing amounts of detail in the file, which in turn gives you more leeway in PP.

Then again, in 1.2x crop mode, still giving a 25MP file, the D800 is a 5FPS camera, same as your D700 without the grip, plus the AF is probably better.

I have to disagree with your assessment about AF for the D800 probably being better here. The OP said "new body will be used with 24-70, 14-24 and 80-200 Nikkor zooms, and a 50 1.4D and 85 1.8 AIS". The last two are ultra-fast primes which both professional reviewers and users alike have reported that the D800 PDAF system is inconsistent with.

Well, if 'professional reviewers and users alike' say it, it can't be wrong. can it? On the other hand, it would be a bit strange if Nikon took the Multi CAM 3500 and did a worse job with it after four years, wouldn't it? Have you evr heard of expectation effect?

If the OP was doing studio or landscapes with CDAF I'd have no concerns about the D800. But for weddings with fast lenses the focusing capability of the D800 is simply not up to par with the D4, D3s, D3, or even his existing D700.

I don't believe that to be the case. I'd like some hard evidence of it.

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