24-70 F4 blows away my kit lens

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Re: 24-70 F4 blows away my kit lens

My 28-70mm "kit lens" has been producing many sharp images, and therefore, I'm not motivated to spend 4X the money on a lens of essentially the same focal range.

I'll use the money I save to purchase the 70-200mm f4 in two months.

Most of these "test shots" don't IMHO, select subjects, actually there is no clear subject in most of the test images, so it is really difficult to know what is suppose to be "in focus". The selected images do not make evaluating any lens easy. Nothing looks very sharp, in these low contrast images.

My 28-70mm appears to resolves much more detail then either of the lens in these tests.

I'm glad that the original poster is happy with his $1200 24-70mm and sorry that his 28-70mm did not perform like the one I got.

Unfortunately, most of us will naturally defend any expensive purchase against a low cost alternative. Since most of us are shooting as a hobby, the most important fact is that the gear we purchase makes us happy, and lets us feel that we can take great photos.

Enjoy your 24-70 f4!


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