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deednets wrote:

... from a psychological perspective.

That depends entirely of the individual psychology.  For someone with enough confidence in their own choices it doesn't matter a lot - that's assuming, of course, that the person has been able to choose the gear as opposed to being forced into it by (economic) circumstances.

I was reading a thread on the Leica forum stating that gear doesn't matter. One of the first posters to respond suggested that amongs other things this wouldn't take the psychological background into account.

Every combination of photographic gear has limitations: perhaps the lens is too slow, the sensor generates too much noise, the lens is too short, it's too heavy to carry to where the shot is wanted, etc, etc ...

You can draw a mental map of subjects that are within the limitations of virtually any combination of gear.  Then you can draw areas outside that map that need more specialised gear.

As long as you stay inside the core map, gear doesn't matter because (as I've defined it) any gear can work there.  But venture outside that core and gear is vital - if what you've got can't get the shot you might as well stay at home.

So the psychological question applies only within that core area.

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