Class action lawsuit for false advertising?

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Re: Class action lawsuit for false advertising?

Heaven is for real wrote:

Weather-sealed is one of the reasons I bought this camera so I don't have to worry about rain or dust entering my A7 camera but now...

This is quite deceptive for Sony to do this. Removing the weathersealed description on their website without informing the consumers!


How stupid is this (from the SAR link)?

[[  Joe sent us this:

Sad to say that I can confirm that the a7R does exhibit light leak around the lens mount. This was reported on Sony’s Community site. To test it, put the body cap on, use either ISO25,6000 or ISO16,000 and take a 20-30″ exposure. Shine a flashlight/phone LED light around the lens mount. The image will show the leak at the 9 o’ clock position.
Here’s how mine look like at ISO16,000 and 30″ exposure:–exlz648TZ8/Uv3-kqaopuI/AAAAAAAAXzI/0ERlfxv_u74/w888-h593-no/a7R+Light+Leak+ISO16%252C000+at+30sec.jpg
Original thread: ]]

Really?! Someone expects a plastic body cap to be lightproof?

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