D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: D700 - Where to go next?

The problem with the D800 is not the AF issues or the handheld discipline required.  Those can be mitigated easily enough.

The issue is file size if you shoot raw and the length of time it will take to process those shots compared to the D700 file sizes.  The file sizes for the D800 raw range from 29mb for compressed 12-bit, 36mb for 14-bit compressed, to 74mb for uncompressed 14-bit.

I use lossless 14-bit for my shooting (about 42mb) on a 2009 Mac Pro with 32mb RAM and OWC solid state memory drives running Lightroom 5.  It still takes a 5 to 10 seconds to load each file for processing.

The Df will be much better in this regard, but has been an issue with some people complaining about its grip.  Long times using the Df may cause hand discomfort and cramping.

A D4 or D4s would be better for hand fatigue, but the overall weight may be an issue.

Lastly, the D700 is still a viable camera where your needs do not require really large prints.

Can you rent or borrow any of the cameras that you are thinking are strong candidates?

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