Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

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Re: Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

c0nstrictor wrote:

So it's getting hard to answer all these questions (especially on an iPod in school), but here are some answers to the overlying questions:

1. As for money, I have around $1100 in the bank right now, and this increases by around $50 every week, and hopefully in the spring I'll get another job, so that can turn into $100 a week. I would only need to have my parents "loan" me like $100 to pay for this. So it's not like I'll be loaning $1000 or something from them.

And just to tell you guys, my parents haven't bought anything for me, expect to pay like $300 for the A77 for my birthday.

ok, if you don't have anything else to spend a grand on then fine. I don't know if that money will come in more handy on useful things such as books, laptops for your college and whatever else you may need as student. But if you don't need any thing else then ok. All I am saying is owning a expensive FF should be lower down on priority list.

2. And about selling the A77, I would sell it with the grip, two batteries, the 18-55, 70-300, and the HVL20AM flash. So my estimation is that I could get from like $1000-$1200 for it. If I play my cards right.

3. About my photo, I know I have MUCH to learn. The shutter speed was pretty essential, as he was drumming and moving very quickly, too fast for really any other SS.

I have another concert on Saturday, and will be using my A77 (obviously), so I'll try it out again, play with the settings, and try to use the lowest ISO, while keeping a fast SS, and not under exposing it too much.

4. Finally, as for lenses, I am thinking about definitely having at least a 50 1.4, and either primes or a 70-200. So it'll take a while to get enough money to pay for all of it, but it will happen, and I won't be borrowing any money from my parents for these lens after this camera.

I would suggest upgrading your lens first before the body. Because from what you say you can either buy a body or a lens at the moment. I would suggest good glass and learning to use your equipment with the glass. And in the future when you have more money you can buy a body either much cheaper A99 or a new FF

70-200 is really expensive. Also look into minolta 80-200 as a good alternative.

You guys have a ton of good advice, so I thank you, I will think it over, and will get back to you all in a day or two. I just wanted to hear what you guys thought of it, and that's exactly what you did. Thanks so much!

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