Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

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Re: Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

c0nstrictor wrote:


$1200 is a great deal on an A99.

Check its shutter count. at

As to noise... and this shot.

Its way underexposed.. and NO you can't fix it in LR if you are someone who is really worried about some noise / grain because under exposure means low signal.. so when you fix the exposure you magnify the low signal and the noise too.

Also if this looks better on your monitor.. Calibrate your monitor.. Its way to dark on mine and mine is calibrate and its way to dark.

Slow the shutter down.... Its a 70mm lens.. and you have IBIS so the shots should be fine. Now yes you may get come motion blur of the performers. Take hundreds of shots.. you may well find the shots that show the most life.. are ones where you get the face sharp but there is motion blur elsewhere. Stopping action is not always the most creative way to shoot action.

If you are not sure.. Bracket each shot


If you get the A99

Get the exposure right.

Realize your faster lenses will not have the same magnification, and if you start cropping tighter on the A99.. You will lose some of the Noise Reduction you get from scaling and the difference in noise from the A77 will go down some.

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

I don't understand the last paragraph. I get that it is full frame and won't have the same focal length, but what do you mean about the noise reduction?

One of the problems we get our selves into is we look at images 1:1. Lightroom helps this error  because the noise adjustment tool has a 1:1 blow up.  Leads to seeing noise that will not show up in final image and over use of noise reduction.

There are lots of threads about this.  If I look at a 16 MP image from the A57 and the A77 at 24 MP both at 1:1 the A77 has more noise.  but that would be a 5x4 foot print viewed at 2 feet or closer..

When you scale an image down for use on the screen or a print that act adds a built in noise reduction so the A57 and A77 are much closer.  The more you scale down the image the more NR.  A 24 MP image will require more scaling than a 16 MP image.   So it gets more NR from scaling which is why they tend to equalize.

If you go to a FF camera at 24MP but lose magnification.. and are cropping more.. Then you turned the 24 MP FF to a 10 MP APC..

Also when you crop, you scale the image less.. the noise reduction of scaling may be less.

when talking about noise and detail of the A99 vs A77 you have to think about, Lens and Crop factor.  If I am using a lens in a studio or at a party etc. and I can just walk 2 steps closer to fill the frame with the same lens.. Great the A99 will give you 24 MP image with the same detail as the A77 with about 1.5 stops less noise...IMHO

So maybe its only one stop improvement that you go spending twice the money on the body. And if you end up cropping a lot.. you paid more for less MP in you final image.

I would look at spending more money on better glass.

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

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