So Long Fuji

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I've just bought my first Fuji body and will buy my next very soon. I stll have 3 systems but will whittle it down. The one I have used the most but will sell first is Nikon FX because I'm fed-up with the weight of FF lenses. I'm suprised you prefer FF for travel. You must need more pixels than me!

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A DF with 2 or 3 primes is quite small. I you in zoom lenses you are right.

I thought I'd love the Df but I don't. It doesn't feel good in my hands. It doesn't get me more pixels than Fuji either, not that that's an issue. The FX primes I like tend to be very heavy. I could use lighter ones but then I don't see the advantage in the Df. It's still big in comparison and costs a lot more too. I can sell all my FF gear and buy as much Fuji gear as I want and have change, or I can buy a Df and some small lenses for about £3k extra. No, the advantages of FF over the alternatives no longer out-weigh the disadvantages for my purposes. The X-T1 reminds me of my favourite old Nikon F3 more than the Nikon Df does.

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Haha, funny you should mention the F3: I used to travel the world (literally all over...) with an F3 plus a 24/2.8 and a 105/2.5 which I later replaced with an 85/1.8 ... that was bearable!

But you are right, I guess one of the things I like about the X-E2 I use at the moment, is the fact that it reminds me of the olden days, the best of the olden days that is!


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