So Long Fuji

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gotompoes wrote:

If 14 mm was your favorite focal length then it might take some time before Sony comes up with a 21 mm with the right size. It has become my favorite focal length as well. Unfortunately 21 mm legacy 21 mm lenses do not work that well on Sony A7. If the files of the A7/7R are as good as the with the Sony RX 1 then you have a winner in your hand. Continue to be amazed about the file quality of RX 1. Just moved into Fuji with the X T1 and i am very happy, except the AF speed is not as good as i hoped. (same problem with the Sony R X1)

I understand your point but your post is unintentionally misleading.  The A7r does struggle with legacy RF wide angle lenses but not with DSLR lenses and there are many full frame lenses in the 20 to 21mm range including quite a few that are compact.  The Nikon and Olympus primes (and I think Pentax as well) with the adapter included aren't much different than the Fuji 14mm in terms of size.   And if you do choose to add some size and weight to get the best quality then you can choose from some of the best UWA/WA primes and zooms out there.

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